Welcome to IP2C

This serivice associates any IP to a country. It's free for anyone to use. It's running on servers which I've payed for out of my own pocket. If you like this service and are able to, please donate some bitcoin by using the QR-code. In the navigation you'll find some links about the API and some libraries.

IP2C supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Why not IP to city

Well it appears IP to country is as good as it gets, most of the time RIR don't even have the right information in their databases, so anyone claiming that they do provide IP to city is probably giving you false information half of the time. My IP location is registered to my ISP and if I perform an IP to city look up on it, I receive the location of the ISP, which is on the other side of the country. Even IP to country has incorrect results, due to the fact that there is IPA and IPN addresses. Incredible as it might seem there used to be some information about IPN and IPA on Google, but I've been looking for few hours and I can't seem to dig up anything about it. What I do remember about it is that one has a fixed location and the other doesn't. Think about IPv6 tunnels, it's impossible to find out what the users location is, because they're kinda proxied into that IP range.

So rather then providing you with false information I've decided to not provide it at all.

Update frequency

The database is updated on a monthly basis, normaly this is more then plenty. Because not much changes in IP landscape at this point, most IPv4 addresses are already assigned and ISP are probably not planning on giving up their precious allocated IPv4 space.